Products Range

A wide range of centers

  • Dried fruits, seeds, nuts…
  • Toffees, caramels, liquorices…
  • Biscuits, extruded products
  • Chewing gums and chewy candies

A wide range of coatings

  • Any type of syrup, sucrose, dextrose
  • All polyol's
  • Dry powders, icing sugar…
  • Waxing, glazing, varnishing

Drum Design

Fully perforated drum

  • Suitable for hard sugar coat, sugarless coat, glazing or varnishing
  • Air flow through products bed
  • Low pressure drop for better efficiency
  • Faster drying time

Shallow bed depth

  • Elongated drum shape for lower bed depth
  • Careful handling of fragile products
  • Better mixing
  • Better exposure to ventilation and spraying

Acquisition (SCADA)

  • Batch data recording and displaying
  • Historical trends and fault reports
  • Recipes download to IDA coaters
  • Real-time overview of networked coaters


TypeUseful volume (liters)Batch size (kg)Drum diameter (mm)Drum length (mm)Bed depth (mm)