Products Range

A wide range of centers

  • Dried fruits, seeds, nuts…
  • Toffees, caramels, liquorices…
  • Biscuits, extruded products
  • Chewing gums and chewy candies

A wide range of coatings

  • Any type of chocolate, plain, milk, white
  • Compounds and yogurt
  • Equipment designed to work with a wide range of temperatures, fat concentrations and viscosities
  • Same equipment will allow chocolate coating and varnishing during one batch

Syrup spraying system

A wide range of coatings

  • Any type of syrup, sucrose, dextrose
  • All polyols

Syrup dosing

  • High accuracy and consistency with lobes pump and flowmeter
  • Double jacketed networks

Syrup spraying

  • Spraybar extraction for easy maintenance
  • Spray nozzles automatic cleaning


TypeUseful volume (liters)Batch size (kg)Drum diameter (mm)Drum length (mm)Bed depth (mm)