Dumoulin is the world leader in construction and process design of large chocolate, sugar, and sugar free coating machines. The company is now offering a machine dedicated to both chocolate coating and sugar/sugar free coating.

Innovation always has been a trademark at Dumoulin, a force that has led this small bakery machinery business founded in the 1930s to become a market leader in automatic coating technology. For example, the first perforated drum coater or the first chocolate coating and varnishing unit – all developed at Dumoulin – represented key milestones in the company’s development as well as in the history of panning.


Whether it is about the use of new ingredients, development of new candies, or improvement of machine design, operation and capacity, we at Dumoulin are all focused on one goal: anticipate customers’ expectations. We have again proved it with the most flexible coating machine one can imagine, a unique and revolutionary piece of equipment that confectioners have always dreamt of.

As candy makers know, it is possible to produce sugar-coated goods in a solid pan, but this takes enormous time. On the other hand, a perforated pan does not enable the coating of chocolate. Having an efficient system to produce both types of coated goods sounded a bit like “Mission Impossible”. Dumoulin, however, managed to pull it off. Our 250kg batch sugar / sugar free coating machine can now be equipped with a chocolate coating and varnishing spray arm that – together with drum blinding plates – offers the same process time and quality as a dedicated machine.

This innovation meets the demands of small and mid-sized confectioners looking to shift from manual to automatic coating, but doing so within reasonable space and cost constraints. It also addresses the needs of larger manufacturers’ research and development departments. This feature was primarily developed for our own laboratory in order to save space and make sugar as well as chocolate tests in the same machine. With its flexibility and easy handling, we’ve quickly had requests from various customers and this machine is now fully part of our range.